You may not know this, but for cleansers to perform at their optimal function (to clean the skin thoroughly), we formulate them with multiple surfactants (the ingredients that create bubbles). 

The word surfactant means surface active agent. As the name implies, surfactants stir up activity on the surface you are cleaning to help trap dirt and remove it from the surface.

Some surfactants will come with charge and some without charge. The charged surfactants are called anionic and the neutral ones are call non-ionic. Cosmeceuticals cleansers are unique because they will formulate with both negative and neutral charges, where standard (non-cosmeceutical) cleansers will not. This is what makes a cosmeceutical cleanser special.

Anionic surfactants will use the charge and foam to remove dirt and oil from the skin. Non-ionic surfactants will use surface pressure and foam to remove the dirt, resulting in a gentler, but less thorough clean. 

Herein lies the challenge for cosmeceutical formulators, sometimes if you overcharge the cleanser, the rate of irritation can increase. Formulating with the right percentage of charge is therefore tricky.

If you are experiencing any irritation from your cosmeceutical cleanser speak with your Skinastute therapist to find a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Let us help find the cleanser for you. Contact us to book a consultation with expert team.