Now that we are all mandatorily wearing face masks let’s take advantage of putting our eyes on display.

Skinastute’s top tips for at home and in clinic treatments for fine lines, wrinkles and maximum rejuvenation – make your eyes the feature.



Home Tools

Stem Cell 3D Eyelift is an age fighting powerhouse due to its ability to take on, and control the “Big 3” most common eye area concerns – puffiness, dark circles and aging.
RRP $165

Light up and define your look with Youngblood’s extensive range of concealers, mineral eye makeup, mascara and brow defining tools
From $34.95

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In-clinic treatments

Anti wrinkle injections
Dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles to the eye area (commonly known as “crows feet”) and lift the brow.
From $195

Tighten, lift and rebuild your natural collagen.
From $120 per treatment, four treatments recommended

PDO Threads
Treat minimal volume loss and creepy under eye skin. The subtle volume restoration of PDO offers long lasting results.
From $475

A safe and natural way to rejuvenate the upper and lower eyelid. Reduce dark circles, eye bags and thinning skin.
$400 per treatment with three treatments required